It’s Hard for me to Understand


It’s hard for me to understand the “top one percent’s” need to acquire billions in profit at the expense of others.

It’s hard for me to understand when there are people suffering around the world, capitalist are conniving for more riches.

It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would spend millions of dollars on a house when homeless people have no shelter from the cold.

It’s hard for me to understand somebody paying hundreds of dollars on an item of clothing when there are children around the world who have no shoes.

It’s hard for me to understand how someone will claim to detest animal abuse while they eat a hamburger.

How Not to be Annoying on Twitter

The purpose of this post is to give people who use Twitter or are thinking about using it a few helpful guidelines to get the best out of what this #1 social networking site has to offer. This is primarily for people who are interested in meeting people from around the globe that you may share common interest with. It’s not for those who want to  get lots of followers or to sell things. It’s not for information outlets or other types of accounts.

1. Think about others. By thinking about other people’s experiences using Twitter you will make yourself more sociable. For example the Twitter stream; everyone who follows you will receive everything you tweet and retweet. Take that into consideration. If someone sends out 25 tweets within a short period of time or over 50 in a 24 hour period, your followers may get tired of you.  Some applications allow them to mute you so you may think you have a mutual Twitter relationship when in reality you’re not even there. You get 140 spaces to say whatever you want, but it’s up to your tweeting skills to have them read. Twitter is not for long winded stories or a diary of every thing you do think and eat. It’s not Facebook.

2. Be polite. If someone sends you a Tweet you can always catch them by reading your “connect” section. Online it will show everything you need to know about who has followed you or sent you a message. You don’t need to acknowledge every new follower but it would be extra polite to do so.

3. We all have to decide how far to let a Twitter conversation go. You tweet, somebody responds, you respond to them, they respond back etc. It isn’t always polite to fill your followers twitter stream up with long winded conversations. Twitter isn’t meant for that but we should acknowledge every tweet somebody sends us. For longer or more personal conversations be polite and take it to “Direct Message” (Unless it’s really interesting)

4 . Using apps to tweet for you. It is irritating to start to read my Twitter stream only to find that Tweeter so and so just used an app to send hello to 100 people. “Follow Friday” started out as a good way to find other tweeters. Someone would use the hash tag #FF and put a few names of their favorite tweeters for others to check out. With the new apps available they can #FF hundreds of people. It’s annoying.

5. Don’t tweet stupid stuff because you think you are clever. Don’t copy or plagiarize, quality tweeters want quality relationships. Be honest and be yourself.

6. Retweets. ENOUGH already! You get to RT 10 items a day that’s it. Ok maybe 20 but that’s pushing it.

7. Don’t tweet in shorthand. Use complete sentences. My brain does not want to have to spend one nanosecond longer than it should to read your tweet.

8. Follow only as many people as you can read. People who follow over 1000 are not there for social interaction but networking or to promote something which is fine for them but it’s not the best way for someone looking to connect with others to go.

9. Don’t tweet constantly to celebrities and ignore the rest. Celebs get 1000’s of tweets a day and probably will never see it. So basically you’re tweeting to yourself and annoying the real people.

10. Last but not least is creating lists. If you do choose to follow thousands of accounts, lists will help you categorize them. Click on the User Action button next to someones name on their profile. From there you can add them to a list of your own making.

Is Humanity Doomed?

Are We Doomed as a Species?

Humans without empathy are killing machines. Everyday humans eat animals that suffered gruesome painful torture at factory farms without a thought. Animals whose final death was the kindest thing that ever happened to them. Humans kill wildlife for the sport of it when there is no sport about an armed human killing an animal. That is not a fair fight. Humans destroy millions of acres of wild-lands a day on this planet without a second though to the permanent  damage and destruction it brings. Humans maim and kill innocent men women and children in the name of war everyday. What if that was you or your child? Would you feel it then?  Just because much of humanity can not feel the suffering of other living beings doesn’t mean that it does not effect you. We are headed towards extinction brought on by the actions of people and every one of us has the ability to make a change in the world. To leave a legacy of life instead of death but it takes cultivating empathy where empathy is lacking.

If it’s not a natural inclination to care about the suffering of others then it is up to society to teach it. We need to teach children that causing the death of other living beings when it’s not a matter of self preservation is wrong on every level. More humans on this planet means more death and destruction on this planet. Do you have children or grandchildren? Do you love them? It is up to you to teach them through your actions and lifestyle to at least make an attempt at preserving the planet for them. That is love. Love is doing everything in our power to preserve the planet for our children.

We as residents on planet earth are exhausting resources faster than the earth can replenish and repair the damage done. The earth is a symbiotic microcosm of life inter dependent on every part of it from the bacteria in the soil to the air we breath they are all related and all essential to our life. The only chance we have now is to live and teach our children empathy. How can you live it? Stop eating factory farmed tortured animals is a good start! Just stop it! You will not die on the contrary you will grow healthier! Stop sport hunting and instead teach children the amazing world of nature, cultivate life! Cultivate empathy!

Factory farming does much more damage to us and the planet than just causing animal suffering. I’ll not get into it here but you owe it to yourself, your children and grandchildren to learn how. Please read the following links and see the truth, that the weight of the earth rests on all our shoulders.

‘Without Doubt,’ a Sixth Mass Extinction Event is Here



My Viking Mothers and Fathers

For as long as I can remember I felt like an orphan, never having a sense of belonging. My parents were disconnected from the earth, each other and life itself. My siblings were lost to confusion as a sailing ship without sails drifting upon currents going nowhere.

In all this chaos I had strong connections not to humanity but to the earth and all the creatures that roamed it. I understood them, they understood me and roam I did. I always had to go somewhere, to explore someplace new, to see new places. I was a quiet observer to the human chaos around me. I spent my time communing with animals where ever they were. They were the only beings that made sense to me. The natural earth was the only home I truly had.

My mother lost as she was, disconnected from who she was joined a religious christian cult when I was 8. I was abused spiritually, brainwashed and then thrown to the wolves. Still no connections. Still and orphan. I did not belong there. It is one of the reasons I am an advocate to free thinking now and can see brainwashing where ever it thrives. It thrives on the lost, on those who do not know who they are and where they came from.

When 34 years old I nearly died from liver and organ failure. I had a misdiagnosed blood disease called hereditary hemochromatosis. My genetic studies showed me having double sets of the mutated gene that caused it. When it was finally diagnosed I was left with a damaged liver. It causes the body to over absorb large amounts of iron that is then stored in the liver, heart, pancreas and even the brain damaging them. The only treatment is to be bled, to remove the excess iron one must remove the blood.

As I learned about my mutations I found that I came from Northern European bloodlines. More recently it has been discovered that the mutation is Viking in origin. Vikings survived to pass this gene on, they fought, they bled, they lived. The largest concentration of people with the mutation are in Iceland, then the northern European countries and followed the paths of the Vikings. As time went on living in hot southern California I developed immune problems and became photosensitive, allergic to the sun. Apparently my DNA has not had time to develop resistance to living here. It is not my true home.

Although my people were scattered they still were drawn to each other as if in their deep inner spirits they knew who they really were.  They found each other in the strange new lands they explored. The last migration was from Scotland to Virginia. The farthest my Viking peoples have traveled. I feel a longing to go home now, whatever reasons were to explore the earth, it’s time to go home. To close this chapter of my wandering Viking fathers whose spirits are close to me.

I’ve recently had deeper experiences binding me to my roots. Meeting other Viking kin on social networks, opening myself up to Asatru the original beliefs and experiences of my kin. Most notably a powerful spiritual experience during meditations. A deep feeling of love and kinship enveloped me as many faces appeared to me within just a few seconds of time. Faces I’ve never seen yet I knew who they were. They were my kin, my ancestors reassuring me I was no orphan. The experience showed me how important it is to know ones people, to feel that connection to who we are. They, their DNA their very spirits live within us. We are family, we are loved, we are connected and can not forget them.

No longer an orphan I yearn for a deeper connection to my ancestors who passed these genetic mutations on many generations. I also have dupuytren’s another Viking mutation that causes the hand to contract. I am thankful for these conditions as they served to bring me home to my wandering kin, the Vikings. A fascinating, strong, brave people of many talents and virtues.

Odin’s Blood -Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Years days minutes agree,

red forever flows downstream

Though man will rise to eternity, it cannot listen to his plea

Lingsberg Runestone

Lingsberg Runestone


Though agony of time surrounds,

and somber fantasy abounds,

Red rivers flow in life pristine in fuchsia blue red crystalline 


Odin’s rune flowed down to sea

Cursed crimson vines the family tree

We live until we die you see, reciprocal magnanimity.~Kathleen Wells













Mourning Comes Around

Soon it will be 10 months since my mother died while under hospice care here at my home. Life and death can be so simple and yet so complicated. Death brings relief from suffering and a whole new class of suffering for those left behind. I think the worst of it was the family chaos. Family members who neglected my mother all of her elderly years suddenly demanded free access regardless if she was up to it or not. It ended up with myself my husband and niece shouldering the burden of not only her care but protecting her through the dying process. Everyone deserves to die in peace. That’s the least we should have to cope with. I mean, we are dying! Can anything get harder that trying to die in peace with dignity?

Her passing has caused me to look into death with dignity i.e. giving the dying the choice of when and how to end it. Up till now I felt that physician assisted suicide was wrong for many reasons. One reason was that depression could factor in to the decision, depression that may be treated with medicines. As the saying goes; suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The problem with applying this is that it is backwards in someone dying. Dying is the permanent solution to temporary suffering. When one gets to that point where there is no turning back, no drugs or surgeries are going to fix this just suffering upon suffering, the individual should be given the choice. After watching my mother die a slow horrible death from cancer I now see things differently. No wonder people prefer to shuffle their elderly loved ones into lonely often horrific care facilities to die alone. Dying is ugly, it can be hard on everyone and takes great fortitude to help someone die at home.

Here’s a heads up; morphine doesn’t help agonizing bone pain in the end. I did everything I could to ease my mother’s suffering but with each turn to clean her she moaned in wretched pain. She had to be moved we had to clean her. Hospice gave her more morphine but it didn’t work. They need liquid narcotic pain relievers that’s all there is to it. They also need liquid anti-nausea medication because they can’t swallow towards the end and the narcotics may cause nausea. The end comes too slowly, it’s a horrible process. After going through this I was terrified of my own death. My health is bad, I have life threatening chronic illnesses. This is how I came to believe in physician assisted suicide. No one should have to suffer like that. We would never have allowed one of our dogs to suffer like that.

For those who call themselves Christians and thus feel physician assisted suicide is wrong I ask; Would Jesus have walked by someone in agonizing pain and do nothing? He healed, he wept for our suffering. Sometimes death is the ultimate in being healed and every death is different. I don’t believe death is the end. As an empath I know it is not.

The dying need beautiful light during the day and calm dark during the night. They need someone there almost all the time. My mother would often look over at the chair I and my niece would sit in just to see if we or one of our beloved supporters were there. They need their pets to visit with them. They need family around them but only those they spent time with and enjoyed being around. What happens is people live a lifetime not telling the truth about how they feel about someone. That person may have no idea the dying persons true feelings but those close friends and family know the truth and the dying need to be protected from unwelcome visits.

Watch the video free below and think about these things if you haven’t already. One thing for sure is we will all face death so we all have to deal with this issue. My mother was 82 when cancer took her from us. I can’t say for sure what she would have done if given the choice to take a drink and die quietly without the long days of conscious misery but I know now what choice I would make. I can only hope it is legal in my state when my time comes.

Two weeks before her death

Two weeks before her death

Watch free online


My Mother

Audrey Wilson

8/24/1930 – 1/14/2013


Your empty room has an echo now

an empty place in our hearts and how

One never knows how the pain will go

When faced with loss and the echo

We miss your generous heart

All your crazy quilting art

In truth and honesty you took delight

Always reaching for heaven’s Light

It was hard to face tomorrow

The echo in our heart is sorrow

Passing time will never end

The echo left by our best friend

You survived calamity, seeking truth at Calvary

The jester in you hid the pain

Let the desert rain,  Oh let it rain

By Kathleen Wells