Please come back


Sometimes life can be so hard

you’re not safe in your own backyard

You just can’t take anymore pain

The recluse hermit the human stain

Tossed out latch key thrown away

deaf gods that never hear you pray

Beautiful battered and bruised

by those who love me left me confused

My humanity yearns for home

the place where I’m never alone

But I’m an orphan castaway

sleeping under a lonely freeway

Damaged beyond repair

I’ve taken all that I can bear

Please go away and leave me in peace

please come back and set me free



For Dan


You faced their troubled wrath

when you walked your sovereign path

Much to the pain of the others

and the mothers

the sisters and the brothers

Though authorities scoffed

and left you distraught,

tears flowed but the music was ringing

words flowed from your soul they were singing

Some said you were a fool

created only for religion’s tool

To god the gods you must bow

Because we speak for them

Give it up and get in line

I won’t throw my pearls to swine

they said

But they didn’t know about you

You came in like a hurricane speaking affinity

fearlessness and equality

acceptance that all are worthy on this journey

No one should be damned and convicted

accused of an incurable spiritual sickness

I see your flight, your bones that sing

of every pain that life will bring

You opened what had been closed

though many were opposed

You spoke of inclusion

a powerful revolution

and the people cheered

as you are endeared

Gratitude flows deeply


So sweetly

To you


Wake Up


Wake Up

Black fairy dust in the dark of night

Makes the stars in my mind such an awful sight

Demons of the past take such delight

I need to wake up and turn on the light


There’s no room here for rehashed tears

There’s no place here for pointless fears

I’m saying goodbye to the shadows of yesterday  

Gonna unload my burdens and break away


Baby I couldn’t give you what you need

I can’t be your everything so don’t blame me

Put down my sword you should do the same

Walk on babe walk on I don’t play the blame game

Words of passion words of flame

If I’m so wrong just walk away

Sorry I won’t mold to fit your needs

How about you be you and I’ll be me


There’s no room for age old pains

There’s no place here for those heavy chains

I’m saying goodbye to the demons of the past

To be free of the guilt and grief at last




More I want more, more love more passion more open doors

I’ve been in a self induced coma safe from the wars

Hiding from the pain and torment of a life lived

in survival mode beat down to the floor


My windows are big I can see outside

I live in the sea in a desert sea

Far away from fear and pain let me be let me be

The scars are inside deep inside you can’t hide from deep inside

Smiles are deception at its highest

but I want to scream, to stand near you

my wall is tall and it’s not see through

It’s made of bricks made of rubble

Made of broken dreams and primal screams

Of self loathing and tears and fears

You can throw me a rope but I know that you won’t

Cause your wall is just as high as mine


More I want more, more love more passion more blood to run

Did you enjoy watching me bleed?

Did you need me to be weak?

Did it make you feel strong to see me fall?

It was all an illusion inside your own wall


I thought giving more than I took mattered

It only left me weak and battered

I’m sorry I never lived up to your expectation

And led to your awkward fixation

Now I want more, more life, more love, more passion,

more unbridled exhilaration,

Its sad when ancient ties are broken

when home is long forgotten

when the fruit on the trees are rotten

Saying goodbye to regret no time for yesterday cause yesterday is gone.

Good bye good riddance. Stay if you like but I’m moving on

Because I need more.



The End of the World

Witness the shadows, living in fear

emerge as real though nothing was there

Feeling the demons crawl under my skin

phantom assassins deliver the end

Armageddon is coming its time is near

are you worthy to live do you have enough fear?

Believe or die obey or die you lie lie lied.

Twisted innocence virtue incorruption

abduction disruption theatrical production

Guiltless lambs filled with hope and promise

of Paradise come Utopian solace

But the day didn’t come when you said it would

the day didn’t come when you said it should

A child believes authorities command

oppressive tyrannical fantasyland

Liberty day arrives as unremembered dreams

segments of wondrous luminous beams

There is no deity of hate and revenge

of judgement and rage completely unhinged

The laugh of a child a baby’s cheers

the embrace of a stranger so near and so dear

Hopes ascension revealed uncontainable

unbreakable unshakable inspirational… 

The end of the world sings the fool

you bring on your own ridicule


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It’s Hard for me to Understand


It’s hard for me to understand the “top one percent’s” need to acquire billions in profit at the expense of others.

It’s hard for me to understand when there are people suffering around the world, capitalist are conniving for more riches.

It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would spend millions of dollars on a house when homeless people have no shelter from the cold.

It’s hard for me to understand somebody paying hundreds of dollars on an item of clothing when there are children around the world who have no shoes.

It’s hard for me to understand how someone will claim to detest animal abuse while they eat a hamburger made from factory farmed cattle. 

Maybe I will never understand.

Odin’s Blood -Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Years days minutes agree,

red forever flows downstream

Though man will rise to eternity, it cannot listen to his plea

Lingsberg Runestone

Lingsberg Runestone


Though agony of time surrounds,

and somber fantasy abounds,

Red rivers flow in life pristine in fuchsia blue red crystalline 


Odin’s rune flowed down to sea

Cursed crimson vines the family tree

We live until we die you see, reciprocal magnanimity.~Kathleen Wells